What We Do

FlexPoint Health provides hospital/health plan executives and physician group leadership with the most current and precise contract rate intelligence tool available in the market.

We are committed to helping healthcare providers accomplish what has never been done before by showing them exactly what each insurer reimburses each provider in a given market.  We deliver contract rate data at a level of specificity that nobody else in the healthcare industry provides.

Unlike other consultants, FlexPoint does not provide contract rate data that is sourced from government databases (e.g. CMS) or all-payor claims databases.

Our customized and affordable reimbursement rate reports enable healthcare providers to level the playing field with insurers and gain competitive advantage.

We source 100% of our claims data directly from patients. Under HIPAA, patients have a legal right to review their medical and claim information and to share their information with FlexPoint Health. We work closely with patients in your market to get you the information you need and deserve.

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